9th october 2003
from another net

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You are in a bosky grove. The gilded car of Day is driv'n to Occident; the glow of Hesperus lies faint on leaves.
Sabrina the Nymph is here.
Sabrina the Nymph has left.
Comus has arrived.
You say, "hi there"
Comus bows.
You say, "where do i find the help files?"
Comus says, "Among the perplext paths of these drear brakes."
You say, "are you a newbie here too?"
Comus says, "I know each lane and alley green, Each bushy dell of this wilde Wood."
You say, "kewl, can you point me in the direction of the Main Square or something?"
Comus says, "And if your stray attendance be yet lodg'd, Or shroud within these limits, I shall know ere morrow wake."
You say, "you must be like, admin, right?"
Comus says, "I can conduct you to a low but loyal cottage, Where you may be entertained til further quest."
You say, "I'm not really in that kind of mood just now, sorry"
Sabrina the Nymph has arrived.
You page Sabrina the Nymph, "i been asking Comus stuff but I can't get any sense outa him"
Sabrina the Nymph pages you, "Ay, that dam'd wisard hid in sly disguise, That foul inchanter with his banefull cup, Whose poison unmakes all that drink it up."
<Your 'TELNET' connection has terminated>