2nd september 2004


Comrades, our glorious crabapple collective has doubled its yield in only one season. Last autumn half a jar of delicious jelly was produced by our tireless workers - this year? A whole jar. Medals of Merit all round.

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15th september 2004

the roller of big cigars

August  Sander, Pastrycook  1928

Occasionally I think of this photograph, and always meant to post it with an apposite quote, but now I've found it online (the Met in New York currently have a Sander exhibit) I've forgotten what the quote was. But it's a great example of photography as Renaissance painting, with a perspective leading to the face and the arms making an opposing axis leading to the mixing bowl.
Amazing to think that 30,000 of Sander's negatives were destroyed in a fire in the 40s, one of the great losses of documentary history.

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16th september 2004


Still can't think of the quote to go with the pastrycook, but here's an eating fragment I often think of, from John Berger's G:

The cook, standing by the range, watches the seven men and three maids eating with an expression of apparent surprise on her face. If she is not harried, it is the expression she habitually wears when watching people eat the food she has prepared. The surprise cannot be the fact that they eat it with such appetite - for this can surely no longer surprise her. Perhaps it is less personal: the elemental surprise provoked by watching anything being devoured and then apparently ceasing to exist.

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27th september 2004

Ovations. O deprivations!
Such semen has crept into blonde violins,
rich horns, shy string quartets
out of Beethoven's furious genitals,
and Schubert's,
and Mozart's,
that ladies who bend to their cellos,
their velvet knees apart
know well there can only be one love
which is never Art.

from  Anne Stevenson, Theme with Variations

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When the lists go up much is heard of the candidates' resentment; no-one realizes with what sadness the examiners did their duty.

- Yuan Mei

One who does not understand the yellow palm-bird says it is noisy.

- Yoruba saying