4th november 2004

Escher, Three Worlds

In the reflection the tree is black against the clear whitish sky, though as I see it against the opposite woods it is a warm, greenish yellow. But the river sees it against the bright sky, and hence the reflection is like ink. The water tells me how it looks to it, seen from below.

Thoreau, Journal

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10th november 2004


I'm over the lip and surfing one of the longest, deepest escalators on the Underground. On the headphones Miles kicks in, dense muddy Dark Magus-period stuff which sounds like it's coming from the tunnels and machines all around. There are no maps of this place; Harry Beck's plan on the walls of the ticket halls is only a vague clue.
When I next notice anything, the train has hurled me out and sparked into the dark. There might be a bus home; might not. I'm standing on black wet tarmac, thinking of a line from an old article about On the Corner: 'Teo Macero didn't know how to record the band at this point, and maybe nobody else did, either.'

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16th november 2004


Over at geegaw there was mention of octoporn, and it took me a while to remember that it's not just a Japanese thing; here's a veiled reference in Steinbeck:

Agnes piped up in her hoarse soprano, "Doc just ain't himself. I took him a pint and he didn't hardly pass the time a day. Just set there looking at that yellow paper. Know what was on that paper?"
"Eggs," said Whitey No. 1.
"No. I don't like to tell. It ain't nice."
"Hot damn!" said Mack. "Maybe he's getting well. Go on - what?"
"Well," said Agnes in a shocked voice, "he'd drew a picture of a lady without no clothes on, and right beside that was one of them damn devilfish, only it was smoking a pipe. Don't hardly seem like the old Doc."

- Sweet Thursday, Chapter 9

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17th november 2004

groove / rut

Imagine a time in the future when kids say to their grandparents, 'So you mean you actually listened to exactly the same thing over and over again?'

- Brian Eno, November 1995

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19th november 2004

we've got your Pal

Time Machine for sale, only $26,000.

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24th november 2004

firework names

Flying Eagle
Temple of Happiness
Jumping Grasshoppers
God of Thunder
Sky Monkey
Wild Geese
Enchanted Garden
Happy Monk
Frogs and Waterlilies
Midsummer Glory
Peacock in Season
Plenty Colours (in Village Garden)

(all from the Golden Lion Firework Co.)

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