16th november 2004

Over at geegaw there was mention of octoporn, and it took me a while to remember that it's not just a Japanese thing; here's a veiled reference in Steinbeck:

Agnes piped up in her hoarse soprano, "Doc just ain't himself. I took him a pint and he didn't hardly pass the time a day. Just set there looking at that yellow paper. Know what was on that paper?"
"Eggs," said Whitey No. 1.
"No. I don't like to tell. It ain't nice."
"Hot damn!" said Mack. "Maybe he's getting well. Go on - what?"
"Well," said Agnes in a shocked voice, "he'd drew a picture of a lady without no clothes on, and right beside that was one of them damn devilfish, only it was smoking a pipe. Don't hardly seem like the old Doc."

- Sweet Thursday, Chapter 9