21st september 2005
timbre land

Reading Bruce Chatwin's What Am I Doing Here: there's an essay on Donald Evans, the stamp artist (died in a house fire at 33 - the standard age; Jesus, Shelley etc). No pictures. In the old days you'd have to haunt the library or have your bookshop look it up on their microfiche. Now there's internet image search, it's easier.

There are some nice pages on stamp art, of which I was unaware. An essay by Peter Frank with some great images, particularly this Donald Evans of issues from his imaginary state, the Tropides Islandes. And this page with some rather good Evans airships. He did the perforations typing full stops on an old typewriter, apparently.

And there's a book on Evans by Will Eisenhart, who sadly killed himself in the 90s. I'm off to haunt my library('s online catalogue).