2nd november 2005
spirit of jem

claret n. (2)
Pugilistic slang. Blood.

1604 Dekker 1st Pt. Honest Wh. i. vii, Wks. 1873 II. 45 This should be a Coronation day: for my head runs Claret lustily. 1652 Benlowes Theoph. iii. lxviii. War hath our luke-warm Claret broacht with Spears. 1821 Byron Lett. 12 Dec., Besides losing some claret on the spot, [he] bruised himself a good deal. 1848 Thackeray Van. Fair lvi. 473 His fine shirt frill dabbled with the claret drawn from his own little nose.

2005  Overheard at the swimming pool:

' She jus' smacked her lip on the railing, and there was all claret pourin' everywhere.'