3rd august 2006

what's become of Waring?

I hope Paul's alright. Been over a year.

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4th august 2006

change and decay in all around I see

From The Times newspaper on the day when I reached the age of 24 hours. Shocking to see how much the world has changed since then. They don't mould diaphragms on an indexed-in-line system any more. Well, not indexed by hand at least, it's done by a software package that makes the most ludicrous ordering errors. In the sixties you'd count on less than one percent of moulds meeting tolerance, which translated to about three or four hundred diaphragms per day being rejected and sent to orphanages where they'd be used as foundation garments. Nowadays the figure is in the thousands and they go straight to landfill.

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10th august 2006

The usual. See you in September.

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29th august 2006

. . . the celebrated line from September 1939 is revised thus: 'We must love one another and die.' Did Auden know that I proposed this revision - in print - over a decade ago? If so, how unkind of him not to mention it.

- Ken Tynan, Diaries 1974

Flo Whittaker had once gently reproved Dr. Rosenbaum for his attitude toward politics. She had done so by quoting to him, in tones that rather made for righteousness, a line of poetry that she had often seen quoted in this connection: 'We must love one another or die.' Dr. Rosenbaum replied: 'We must love one another and die.'

- Randall Jarrell, Pictures from an Institution, 1954

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