1st september 2006
less may be more

Extraordinary rumours are coming from our Department of Natural Philosophy, where it is said that Herr Doktor Professor Freidegg is revealing some startling findings. It seems that he has discovered a new use for the late works of Samuel Beckett - as literary sensory deprivation tanks, no less. When one is deprived of stimuli in a physical flotation tank, he says, hallucinations are generated; similarly when reading such works as Rockaby or Worstward Ho, if the reader attains the correct state of mind, the result can be the impression of a fast-moving and densely-plotted novel in the most floridly written style. Thus far he has not attempted to transcribe any of these works, but assures his colleagues that an 'airport blockbuster' is not far off.
The Professor seems to be investigating other similar areas with no little success: a workmate came across him wearing the headphones in the music room recently, marching up and down exuberantly and apparently playing the 'air trombone'. The disc in the machine was later found to be of chamber works by Anton Webern.
Furthermore, a reproduction of Malevich's White on White and several cans of spraypaint have been noted on the Professor's desk; the building's cleaning staff have been informed and forewarned.