11 june 2007

Dr. Jenkinson's Cholera Powders, "the only known specific for this Fatal Complaint." Next came a discreet bottle for Female Ailments, not otherwise described, and a large assortment of cheap medicines: Doctor Hoborow's Mixture for the Blood. Old Doctor Gubbins's Liver Remedy, with a picture of old Doctor Gubbins being told by an Eminent Scientist that the Remedy was essential to Health.
Rhubarb Pills, for use in the Spring.
Dr. Mainspring's Mariner's Joy, for the most obstinate cases.
Bile Pills.
Liver Pills.
Dr. Primrose's Kidney Pellets, as prescribed by the famous Dr. Primrose to the unfortunate Queen of the French.
Dr. Gubbins's Spring Mixture, for the Blood.
Dr. Gubbins's Autumn Mixture, for the Blood.
"These Sovereign specifics correct Nature in those difficult seasons when the Body politic is adjusting itself to changed conditions."
Nature's Remedy, "Vegetable Pills prepared from plants known to the Red Indians, who by their daily use attain to the ages of 100: even 120 being not uncommon."
Senna Tea, "two tablets dissolved in the cup that cheers ensures a happy household."
"The Salt of Life, being the active principle of Epsom and Glauber Salts extracted by a new process."
In addition to these, there were wrappers and empty boxes which marked where others had lain.
"Dr. Gubbins's Nutrient Corrective, being a Medical Food derived from Active Vegetable Principles by the World Famous Lemuel Gubbins." There was a picture of Dr. Gubbins, who seemed to be a mixture of Euripides and the Duke of Wellington.

from John Masefield, The Bird of Dawning