13 september 2009

He . . . thrust his hands into the snow like a baker making bread. As he delved and moulded the snow into loaves, saying under his breath, 'This is the way it is done, ladies and gentlemen,' Edith raised her head and said, 'Patricia, promise me, don't be cross with him. Let's all be quiet and friendly.'

- Dylan Thomas, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog

Found it at last! I've been thinking about this quote for years: a perfect example of the alternate universe that children (and us, of course) live in. It's been tucked away on the shelves all along, waiting for a re-read. Couldn't guess where it came from and without the exact wording Google and Amazon were unable to help. My last-ditch attempt was going to be trawling through L.P. Hartley's Shrimp and the Anemone, but now I'm spared that.